jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Vintage Findings: Men´s tie

Leeds is a great place for vintage shopping, you have a lot of second hand and vintage stores plus vintage fairs. Some days you can find nice stalls at the market with a huge collection of vintage items (from clothes to dolls!) Last Monday I checked one of my favorite stalls, is owned by an old African lady who always wears tons of clothes layers. I bought a couple of things, but i prefer to make a special entry for each one.  

I bought this men´s vintage tie for 1 pound! Mind condition (but weird smelling!) I loved the colors and the pattern and i thought that ill be great for use it on my hair! 

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Happy B-day Hamish!

Hamish is a scotish lad who usually hangs around my house...Last sunday was his birthday! (Sadly I was traveling that day so was impossible for me to make a blog entry!)

He plays in a noise rock-band called Super Luxury, i have seen them a couple of times and they are amazing!
Check their facebook page or their soundcloud page!
He have his solo project too!

Happy B-day Hamish! And welcome to the ducks era!

Doll Festa Bcn 2012 part 0

I know that i had been completely out the last weeks...But i had a really good reason!  I was busy organizing the Doll Festa in Barcelona, it was hard organize something living in a different country! 
 As soon as possible I´ll make a post about it with pictures...(sadly i couldn´t  take any, so i need to ask for permission before posting!)
If you want to read more about the event, Mademoisselle Blythe made a nice post on her blog!

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Room nº5

The girl of the room number five....

Wakes up with the sun every morning

Drinks camomille tea before going to sleep 

Flowers, rabits, candles and blue

  Placed on a chaotic order who nobody else can understand

Delicate vintage beauty stuff

She likes to spend the evenings sitting and reading on her special corner

And the bed centers her  life...

 Because when the night comes...she dreams and creates...

I love to be the girl of the room number 5!