viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Last night @Hometown

Yesterday I came back to Barcelona, first i thought about spend new years eve at my hometown...But as I'm moving i have to pack and ship all my stuff as soon as possible.
But at least i had a  nice last night at Las Palmas...It was the birthday of one of my friends and it was the perfect excuse for meeting and see again really old friends (the last time i saw some of them was like 7 years ago!) so we had a million of things to talk about and million more to celebrate.

We went to live music club, it was an open micro night and i sang a Oasis song...the guy playing the guitar was awesome!  
We drank local cheap beer until closing time! 

And when i was coming back home walking near the beach avenue i realized that i was completely alone...So i decided to dance like crazy to say goodbye to my Atlantic ocean!

Bye, bye Las Palmas!See you next year!

martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

My x-mas presents

This year i didn't get too many presents, it seems i had been a really bad girl but at least it was not coal!

Vintage Cartier reproduction ring

Gustav Klint Barbie

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

Please girls...

´Please girls: be clean, pee inside, through the paper in the litter...And if you dont do it ill tell to the blue prince´

sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Shubham Farewell party

Last night we celebrated the farewell party of our friend Shubham, he came to Barcelona to study one year. I met him at a party and he was one of the best party mates i ever had.
He is a really funny guy and we are going to miss him! His farewell party was epic, dancing like crazy, drinking tequila and making silly stuff.

We finished the night at Razzmatazz dancing at the podium! Amazing night!

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

Missy Malone feather fan dance workshop

Last weekend I went again to Manchester because i wanted to have a shopping day before going back to Spain and Missy Malone was giving a feather fan dance workshop in Oldham.
The night before she acted at the blind tiger a burlesque night organized by Amelia Valentine.
I was really excited for having the chance of meeting Missy, she had been my favorite contemporary burlesque dancer for a long ago. I was really surprised about how nice and warm she was, i completely felt in love with her!
The workshop was really funny and i learn few new tricks! I hope see her in other event again on the future!

I was really excited for having the chance of meeting Missy, she had been my favorite contemporary burlesque dancer for a long ago. I was really surprised about how nice and warm she was, i completely felt in love with her!
The workshop was really funny and i learn few new tricks! I hope see her in other event again on the future!

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Carlos B-day

You can always have a great karaoke night, no matter where you are!
Happy B-day Charlie!

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Recipi: Vegan Sobrasada

*Pumpkin seeds (3tsp) 
*Sesame seeds (3tsp) 
*Two wallnuts 
*Olive oil 
*One garlic teeth 
*Smoked paprika 
Keep on water the sesame and pumpkin seeds for 12 hours. Drain and mix with the olive oil in a grinder until you don't see any big part of the seeds. Add the smashed garlic, the wallnuts,a bit of salt, oregano, basil and paprika. 
Mix everything again using the grinder two or three times. 
It will taste better if you leave it rest for 24 hours! 

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

Mojito man

We found at the super market a bag of 5 liters of mojito cocktail...The best thing is that you can attach it to your coat!

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

My british phone

Today i bought a phone here, in England. I tried to use my IPhone with a British SIM card but it didn't work. I asked for the cheapest one and that´s what i got...the most simple phone ever. The worst of all is that i don't know how to use it.

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Strawberry moisturizing masque

If you have ever see this at your local store but you wasnt sure about how it will be work...
Try it! Its amazing!

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

Go Beyond the cover

It seems that the new Dermablend tattoo cover its really good! By the way, the advertising is amazing and Zombie Boy looks great on it, I had been seriously thinking to buy it...

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

My first time in Manchester

Last weekend I went for first time to Manchester, it was exciting to go there! The reason was that i was performing on one of the North West Burlesque Society meetings. 
People there were really kind with me and i met another Spanish girl!
I woke up really early for having breakfast, take off my hair rollers ( i slept with them on) and practice one last time before going to the bus station.
I was so nervous, but all my house mates gave me encouraging words before leaving the house!

It's really easy to move using the National Express and i highly recommend it. 
My plan was to visit some spots and make ´the smiths´ tour (it consist in visiting some Manchester places with some importance for the smiths history...But Manchester is huge and I hardly visited Agent Provocateur. 

I just took a pair of really random pictures, i hope to come back soon!

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

My first tattoo

One year past since i get my first tattoo, it's not common to start so old (i was 26!) and so hard! But the idea of making this had been on my mind for 10 years, as i said before Maruo is my fav illustrator and he has been on my life from a long ago...I discovered him in a book store when i found in the shelf his book ´Pink monster´ after my love from the first time with his work, he had been on the good and bad moments of my life, i passed my last teenage days reading him and i started my twenties doing the same.
I was really sure about which illustration i wanted for me...if you read between lines you will find more that one meaning on it.

It took me more to find the perfect artist for me, but when i took for first time with Juanber i was sure that he was going to be the one! He needed around 5 hours to finish it (two sessions) and he covered some scars that i already had...Brilliant!
And...the finish piece of art:

I'm really proud of it and something weird...when i saw my self on a mirror for first time after getting it i had the feeling that it was like it always had been there...

lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Nice pumpkin...

One of my housemates made this...I found it on the kitchen i thought it was a really nice thing to make this for us...

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

First Halloween in England

I was my first Halloween in England, i was pretty excited because in Spain we never celebrate it...As I am too old for making a trick or treat...I bought my own!

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

Suehiro Maruo

Have you ever heard about Suehiro Maruo? He is my fav japanese illustrator, many of Maruo's illustrations depict graphic sex and violence and are therefore referred to as contemporary muzan-e (a subset of Japanese ukiyo-e depicting violence or other atrocities.)

 His stories often take place in the early years of Showa Era Japan (1926–1945). Maruo also has a fascination with human oddities, deformities, birth defects, and "circus freaks." I find his job amazing, deep and full of shades...sometimes I can see a close connection between his histories and how I see the life...Beautiful and cruel at the same time. That´s one of the reasons I had few of his ilustrations tattoed on my arm.

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

I love...Blythe

I knew Blythe dolls near 8 years ago, when a friend gave me as present a bag with one of this dolls printed on it...First i thought: its awful and i kept that bag on the deepest part of my closet for years. But one day in an Anime Convention in Barcelona I saw a blue haired doll and i felt in love with took me couple of months found it again and buy it.
If you want to know more about Blythe history:

Suddenly I started spending lot of my free time with my doll, sewing clothes, making for her a tiny room, traveling with her and of course taking photos of her...I named her Coraline (one day i will write how i choose dolls names)
Right now dolls are a big part of my life and i spend lot of hours designing clothes for them!
If you never heard about Blythe i strongly  recommend you peek a boo online!

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Gig - Mad Sin

Last week I went to see Mad Sin in Barcelona, they are a german psychobilly band with some bits of punk, white-trash blues and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm...
I really enjoyed the gig and i was really  lucky being on first line, i couldn´t stop thinking and signing (and that is why i made this awfull pics...)

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

In a dark random place on my mind

Once upon a time...I decided to start a blog, because i really felt the needing of having all the things i do, all the things i make and all the things i like on the same place...
I was born in a tiny island on the west Sahara coast, when i was a child i wanted to be fashion designer and     
after a really long walk i made it, i finished my fashion design studies and i moved to Barcelona where i started my own company and opened a shop...But sorry girls, my fairytale didn't finish in a good way and after years of hard work i finished broken, tired and with lot of debts.
It's hard to start again...and I spend almost a long year trying to do it...But Barcelona was a dammed city for me, each corner was filled with memories of my fail at life, and them after visiting an old friend who was living in England i thought...Why i wont move here? 
So here it comes my huge adventure, my long quirky stories, my passions and fails...Please, enjoy it!