jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Vintage Findings: Men´s tie

Leeds is a great place for vintage shopping, you have a lot of second hand and vintage stores plus vintage fairs. Some days you can find nice stalls at the market with a huge collection of vintage items (from clothes to dolls!) Last Monday I checked one of my favorite stalls, is owned by an old African lady who always wears tons of clothes layers. I bought a couple of things, but i prefer to make a special entry for each one.  

I bought this men´s vintage tie for 1 pound! Mind condition (but weird smelling!) I loved the colors and the pattern and i thought that ill be great for use it on my hair! 

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Happy B-day Hamish!

Hamish is a scotish lad who usually hangs around my house...Last sunday was his birthday! (Sadly I was traveling that day so was impossible for me to make a blog entry!)

He plays in a noise rock-band called Super Luxury, i have seen them a couple of times and they are amazing!
Check their facebook page or their soundcloud page!
He have his solo project too!

Happy B-day Hamish! And welcome to the ducks era!

Doll Festa Bcn 2012 part 0

I know that i had been completely out the last weeks...But i had a really good reason!  I was busy organizing the Doll Festa in Barcelona, it was hard organize something living in a different country! 
 As soon as possible I´ll make a post about it with pictures...(sadly i couldn´t  take any, so i need to ask for permission before posting!)
If you want to read more about the event, Mademoisselle Blythe made a nice post on her blog!