viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Last night @Hometown

Yesterday I came back to Barcelona, first i thought about spend new years eve at my hometown...But as I'm moving i have to pack and ship all my stuff as soon as possible.
But at least i had a  nice last night at Las Palmas...It was the birthday of one of my friends and it was the perfect excuse for meeting and see again really old friends (the last time i saw some of them was like 7 years ago!) so we had a million of things to talk about and million more to celebrate.

We went to live music club, it was an open micro night and i sang a Oasis song...the guy playing the guitar was awesome!  
We drank local cheap beer until closing time! 

And when i was coming back home walking near the beach avenue i realized that i was completely alone...So i decided to dance like crazy to say goodbye to my Atlantic ocean!

Bye, bye Las Palmas!See you next year!

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  1. Sabes que me acabo de dar cuenta de que nos llevamos bien por el Atlantico... xDDD Si, si, es un pensamiento random, muy random, la verdad. Pero es que el Mediterraneo no lo es todo en la vida, despues de todo es un simple "marsucho" de nada, el Oceano Atlantico, eso si que es un charco! xDDDD

  2. De eso se trata, empire of randomness!
    Es que donde este un señor oceano que se quiten los marsuchos!


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