lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

My friends & my new wayfarer

Maybe i have said it before but if i don't I'm going to say it now!: One of my hidden pleasures and a huge hobby is photography. I own a canon EOS 450D and last year for X-Xmas my parents bought me a new macro lens. I wanted it just for make pictures of my dolls but i checked that you can make great portraits too...At the same time i bought a new pair of glasses, huge and red glasses! All my friends wanted to try it and i don't know how it came for first time but i starting making pictures of them and as I'm part of the CS community (Ill explain in other post) i had the great chance of making pictures of people of all over the world!
I wanted to show it at some place on internet but my Flickr is more doll related and really i made a tumblr account!


If you are into tumblr and you want to follow my little project:

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  1. No lo voy a volver a decir *cofcofaminomehicistefotocontuswayfarercofcof*, porque ya te lo dije una vez y no quiero ser insistente, asi que nada, como blogger es una caca con respecto a los "Reply" te contesto aca, los scans son de jmagazinescans @lj


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