martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

In a dark random place on my mind

Once upon a time...I decided to start a blog, because i really felt the needing of having all the things i do, all the things i make and all the things i like on the same place...
I was born in a tiny island on the west Sahara coast, when i was a child i wanted to be fashion designer and     
after a really long walk i made it, i finished my fashion design studies and i moved to Barcelona where i started my own company and opened a shop...But sorry girls, my fairytale didn't finish in a good way and after years of hard work i finished broken, tired and with lot of debts.
It's hard to start again...and I spend almost a long year trying to do it...But Barcelona was a dammed city for me, each corner was filled with memories of my fail at life, and them after visiting an old friend who was living in England i thought...Why i wont move here? 
So here it comes my huge adventure, my long quirky stories, my passions and fails...Please, enjoy it!

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