miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

My first tattoo

One year past since i get my first tattoo, it's not common to start so old (i was 26!) and so hard! But the idea of making this had been on my mind for 10 years, as i said before Maruo is my fav illustrator and he has been on my life from a long ago...I discovered him in a book store when i found in the shelf his book ´Pink monster´ after my love from the first time with his work, he had been on the good and bad moments of my life, i passed my last teenage days reading him and i started my twenties doing the same.
I was really sure about which illustration i wanted for me...if you read between lines you will find more that one meaning on it.

It took me more to find the perfect artist for me, but when i took for first time with Juanber i was sure that he was going to be the one! He needed around 5 hours to finish it (two sessions) and he covered some scars that i already had...Brilliant!
And...the finish piece of art:

I'm really proud of it and something weird...when i saw my self on a mirror for first time after getting it i had the feeling that it was like it always had been there...

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