sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

My first time in Manchester

Last weekend I went for first time to Manchester, it was exciting to go there! The reason was that i was performing on one of the North West Burlesque Society meetings. 
People there were really kind with me and i met another Spanish girl!
I woke up really early for having breakfast, take off my hair rollers ( i slept with them on) and practice one last time before going to the bus station.
I was so nervous, but all my house mates gave me encouraging words before leaving the house!

It's really easy to move using the National Express and i highly recommend it. 
My plan was to visit some spots and make ´the smiths´ tour (it consist in visiting some Manchester places with some importance for the smiths history...But Manchester is huge and I hardly visited Agent Provocateur. 

I just took a pair of really random pictures, i hope to come back soon!

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