martes, 10 de enero de 2012

New year´s eve!

Its a bit late for making my new years eve post...But the last days i had been quite busy...Moving, Korean CS, working (yes...sometimes i work, but not too much because i get tired and i don't want to break any of my nails!)
My friend Cristina organized a dinner at her place, everybody had to bring something. It was really exiting because we were from lot of different places of the world! From Taiwan to Germany! And the table looked amazing with all our world wide food!

I made a prawn cocktail...Cris thought it was something Japanese but she was completely wrong...From that night until today we still having the joke about me being Japanese...
As I have to change the dish i added a crab cocktail in one side and the prawn (with avocado) in the other side...And yes, it was delicious!
We celebrate the countdown eating 12 grapes, as the Spanish tradition...And I ate mine on time! It's really hard! After the toast with Cava we waited for my Korean CS having some drinks, she was coming from Korea that night! 

And once all together we went to another party at an amazing attic at Gracia neighborhood...Funny, the parts i remember but i finished getting really crazy. 
Cris and me...I look psychotic, i know...i know...
I hope you all had a great new years eve!

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